Mayapuris May 2013 Newsletter!

Hey Remember Us?!

We’re that group of Krishna kids that were dancing and chanting with you some time ago and somehow you signed up to our Enewsletter. Yeah, we’ve been slacking on the newsletter but not without a good excuse. While the members of the Mayapuris aren’t flying around the world with Kirtan capes on, we lead semi-regular lives (except for Kish who never takes his cape off). Vrinda and Vish are busy expanding the Mayapuris troupe: they’re expecting a baby in August.  Bali is in pharmacy school getting ready to deal drugs and his wife Dhanya just graduated in psychology so she can provide much needed counseling to the rest of the group. Meanwhile of course Kish continues to be Kirtan Super-Man.

In between these alter-ego lives, Kirtan continues to be the eternal thread that holds us together. We just returned from touring the North-East. We had a Kirtan Rave Party at Rutgers University in New Jersey with 700 wild dancing students and faculty (glow-sticks and all) and then we took part in the Spring Ecstatic Chant Weekend at OMEGA in upstate New York. In between, we played at Yogamaya in New York City. It’s so much fun to travel with the crew including Gaura Vani and play kirtan together every evening. We’re very grateful to all the kind yoga studio owners, festival coordinators, and hosts who take such good care of us while we’re on the road.

Now, we have some exciting projects coming up that we’d love to share with you:

- A Recording Studio: we are building our own recording studio in our hometown of Alachua, Florida. The studio is called “The Hanuman House” and is practically completed. Our vision is to have a facility where we can streamline our projects which include: albums, music videos, recording collaborations, festival organization, and empowering conscious youth. We need your support for this project, especially since we are now collecting recording equipment. We need mixers, microphones, monitor speakers, cables, mic stands, and a variety of recording paraphernalia.  If you have any equipment you’d like to donate or would like to give a monetary donation for this project, please contact Vish or Kish. In return, we will send you presents!

-Retreats: we love hanging out with fellow bhaktas and kirtan enthusiasts, so we’ve organized a few retreats that are coming up this year:

Himalayan Adventure, India – Going to the Source of Two Holy Rivers. Vish is facilitating a group tour to India, June 20-July 2. Early Bird Special $2500 extended til June 1st. Don’t miss this escapade to the sacred and picturesque mountains! Find Out More or Sign Up!

Thanksgiving Kirtan Retreat – Thanksgiving is a beautiful time in Florida. We are proud to be hosting a 4 day retreat in our hometown, Alachua FL. We’ll show you around to our favorite spots, go swimming in the beautiful crystal clear fresh water springs, eat healthy vegetarian food and do yoga and pranayama. Each member of the Mayapuris will offer unique workshops on The Art of Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga. The culmination of the retreat will be a deep immersion into kirtan, taking part in the annual Festival of the Holy Name. Listen to kirtans from the past festivals. Sign Up

Kirtan Camp with Jai Uttal and Vish: finally, at the end of the year, join Vish and Vrinda (and their soon-to-be-born-newborn baby) in Costa Rica for Jai Uttal’s Yoga and Kirtan Camp at the beautiful Blue Sprit Retreat Center. Jai and Vish will lead us in the ancient practice of Kirtan, or chanting, the heart and soul of devotional yoga. Together they will guide us in a heart- opening adventure through breath, movement and sacred sound, blending these traditions in a deep and playful way.  Find Out More

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2013 and lot of new exciting projects and performances! Stay Tuned!

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Our Official Mridanga Music Video

Mridanga Music video featuring The Temple Dancers. Spread the word!

The Mayapuris Official Music Video

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Mridanga Music Video to Premiere May 19th



Cross-over world music sensation and performance art troupe, The Mayapuris are to release a music video to showcase the title track of their hit album Mridanga (2010) which reached #7 on the iTunes world music chart the first week of its release. The video imbibes the dual nature that makes the Mayapuris unique: spunky and youthful with a new spin on the centuries-old chant culture of ancient India, kirtan. Their instrument of choice: the mridanga drum, a hand instrument invented over five hundred years ago as a portable and powerful alternative to the inner sanctum temple drums . Continue reading

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2011 Tour Teaser

We are gearing up for another year of amazing kirtans and performances. New tour dates will be posted soon! For now, check out our latest video.

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