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  1. Anisha Singh says:

    Hello, I recently saw yor show in Cape Town, South Africa and I was blown away. I really love the cd, but seeing you all live in performance was awesome. Anisha/ Annie

  2. April Lennon says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhujis,
    We are heavily grieving the loss of our dear friend Nitai. During this time we have all been remembering so many inspiring and challenging times that Nitai presented to us. In saying that I need to increase my inspiration and association. I am hoping that there is some updated information of your schedule. If there is any upcoming events on the west coast please send information.
    Aparajita dd, 775-240-8435
    Reno, NV

  3. Monday, February 13th, 2012

    The Mayapuris,

    Sub: Mayapuris participation in our film as actors and musicians

    Namaste Krish,

    We are a budding research oriented film production house based in (Bollywood) Mumbai, as Bharat (India) is now standing tall as a nation consisting of maximum “YOUTH” strength in the world, we as our Citizen’s Social Responsibility (CSR) are getting set to do a theatrical film (not a documentary) that shall entertainingly serve the youth of the world a message that is of prime importance, to realize that our intellectual plane is scaling the skies but our spiritual level is deteriorating day by day, its outcome will only lead to unrest in our youth, these pillars of our respective nations will not be able to handle success and in such times these turbulent minds take the form of demons, un-knowingly or knowingly destroying our ecosystem.

    The environment created by the creator is to maintain its creation, this when harmed Devi Shrishti or mother nature; shows indications in the form of tornado’s, tsunami, earthquakes etc., thus it is high time we learn lessons from such alarms / gongs of Devi Shrishti, to control the ghosts we have been pampering; our “ego”, the worst of all horrors, to protect our ecosystem to save ourselves and the generation next; the future beneficiary of mother earth.

    Music is that one language that is understood to the whole world, as the story of 3 males and 2 females a “band of 5 musicians” narrated musically, thus we are looking forward to associate with real life musicians to act and also perform musically, making it the world’s first musical horror film.

    Kindly let us know your take on our ideation to promote “sustainability” the world over.


    Flamingo Motion Pictures,

    Sanjay S. Devkar
    Producer and CSR advocate

    II Jai Shree Krishna II

    Making CSR an integral part of citizen’s and corporate culture

    B204 Mom, Aram nagar, Versova, Andheri (W) Mumbai, Bharat

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