Vrinda Devi


All through her life, Vrinda has taken pleasure in singing the holy mantras of kirtan and dancing to its sacred rythms. With her sweet voice, she imbibes all the goodness and love of those mantras to manifest.

Vrinda studied classical dance rigorously in the pre-eminent institute, Kalakshetra, located in Chennai, South India. While there, Vrinda and her classmates where immersed in the art to such a degree that nothing else seemed to exist save for the perfection of each movement, “Is my hand in the right place? My foot?”  Following the customs, she learnt her first dance in her 2nd year there, a dance that she since has danced more than 600 times as part of the training. Kalakshetra, Temple of Art, “has produced some of the country’s most revered modern-day dancers.” – The New York Times

Vrinda choreographs colorful presentations while sometimes jazzing up the classical techniques. Her dancing is so delicate and light that she appears to fly across the stage, transcending the ordinary law of gravity.

vrin2Vrinda Devi

2 Responses to Vrinda Devi

  1. Aindrisha Mitra says:

    Vrinda ,I feel honoured and priviledged to state that I am a ‘Shishya’ of Shri Rajdeep Banerjee-a name I think you had come across while studying in Kalakshetra.Namaskaar ,I am Aindisha and I felt delighted seeing your swirl that seemed to me a blende of gracefulness and godly feelings-an art pure in its divine richness.I would love to know any way communicating with you.
    With Regards

  2. Henry says:

    Muy lindas canciones devocionales

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