Visvambhar ‘Vish’



Visvambhar – Vish

Since his birth,Vish has been immersed in kirtan. Singing the Sanskrit mantras in their original tunes came natural to him from a very early age. The mridunga drum has become his inseparable companion. While attending an ashram school in India, he studied the ancient origins of kirtan’s sacred mantras, tunes and beats. He also studied harmonium, sitar and flute, along with a number of Western instruments. His knack of fusing the depth of the sacred knowledge of the ancient mantras and tunes with a passionate contemporary flair is elevating the culture of kirtan to new heights.

Vish has traveled to over 25 countries, sharing his unique style of kirtan.

One Response to Visvambhar ‘Vish’

  1. Komal says:

    Hare Krishna..
    Dandvat Pranams..

    i m vry mch inspired by U..
    Plss bless me..plzzz

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