Boston Yoga & Chant Fest – 06/18/11

Boston Yoga & Chant Fest
Saturday, June 18, 2011
4:30pm - - All Ages
181 Boston Post Road West, Marlborough, MA 01752
Boston, MA
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Mayapuris are really excited about attending the Boston Yoga & Chant Fest.

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Boston Yoga and Chant Fest is about celebrating life, about reconnecting with your fellow brothers and sisters through a rich cultural and social experience. It's not just about music, that is but one facet of the human experience.

Interacting with your fellow human beings, and experiencing the pure joy of being alive and being part of a gathering of like-minded evolved humans - that is what Boston Yoga and Chant Fest is.

Expect new and diverse kirtan music. Meet members of the world community and participate in yoga classes, workshops, lectures, and spiritual discourses. Experience and discover music that will help you transcend the petty day-to-day issues out in the real world.

Let loose and dance to wash away the stress of life. Instinctively immerse in an atmosphere, where every person, musician or non-musician would sing, drum, play an instrument, in harmony with each other, exposing their true selves without shame to their fellow human beings. All your senses aflame, your mind stimulated, your heart pumping with the utter joy of sharing life with others...

Boston Yoga and Chant Fest will include many styles of yoga (hatha, kundalini, vinyasa, anusara, laughter, etc.), reiki, qi gong, shamanic dance, guided meditations, sound healing, tai chi, lectures on the emotional body in yoga, dance of liberation, pranayama, ayurvedic lecture and sufi whirling.

Over 150 exhibitors and presenters that align with our audience will be part of the Boston Yoga and Chant Fest.

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