Thanksgiving Bhakti Retreat 2015

Come celebrate Thanksgiving weekend with the Mayapuris’ spiritual community.

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Give thanks to yourself by taking a break at the
Mayapuris Thanksgiving Bhakti Retreat.
Let us serve you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
From your arrival to your departure, we will take care of all your meals, transportation, and accommodation.
To see the itinerary, learn about the retreat, and reserve your spot just click here.

Registration has officially started!

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Kirtan at Yoga Source on April 25th

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We have never done Kirtan in Davie, Fl before and are excited that Yoga Source Studio is making it happen :)

To purchase your tickets in advance please CLICK HERE


Yoga Source
3510 South University Drive
Davie, FL 33328


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Vish and Gaura Vani will be in Houston, TX at the Texas Yoga Conference

Join Vish and Gaura Vani at the Texas Yoga Conference for ecstatic kirtan performances.

Friday, February 20: 8:00pm – 8:30pm & 9:30pm – 10:00pm 

Saturday, February 21: 11:45am – 12:30pm

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Vish & Gaura Vani at Texas A&M University

Join Visvambhar and Gaura Vani at Texas A&M University on Thursday, February 19 for the University’s first ever Sacred Sounds event!!! For details go to:

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What’s To Come

We are excited because we have a handful of events that are nearby.
 photo d865ee09-b4ec-4f5b-b295-48506c69db8a.jpg
There is the famous ‘Sacred Sounds’ event in Rutgers University that inspires 500 students to chant and dance the entire night.
 photo 116a2efb-2cbd-4012-8a8d-d747b32a3b89.jpg
Then we catch our flight from New Jersey straight into the Birthplace of Jazz. Pick up our Rental and head across the border. Not to Mexico of course, but to the state that is the funnest to spell out loud,
 photo 0653a7df-02fe-4e43-b114-ba7a6341a866.gif
There is a Krishna community 45 minutes from New Orleans known as New Talavan.
It is known for its natural and organic way of living: they make organic Blueberry jam, collect fresh honey, pick organic fruits and vegetables from their garden and orchid, and of course make all sorts of milk products. 60 cows roam in their open fields and with their help the community gets Milk, yogurt, cheese and a variety of milk sweets for the deities that reside in the temple,
Sri Sri Radha-Radha Kantha. Yup, two Radha’s in that name.
Another fun fact is that it’s the birthplace of one of the Mayapuris! that would be me, Kish.
 photo 704b96b5-3b74-4d4d-8982-5e03900354bd.jpg
We are also super excited that all the Mayapuris will reunite for this awesome festival!
 photo 4ee2ee52-e488-4879-ac12-a52e5f9e226b.jpg
After the weekend festival in Mississippi we get in our tour van and head towards Alabama for our first “JUGGERNAUT TOUR”.
Gauravani will be meeting us and we will do 4 events back to back.
Starting the 28th of October and ending the 31st.
 photo 848dad63-94d0-4531-b622-b09c818d4203.jpg
One more thing to add!
We are very fortunate that we are able to do so many events in this special month of Kartik. This is a month where any spiritual activity is magnified and multiplied 1000 times. One easy way is to offer a candle to God.
 photo 9b74c51f-cec8-421b-bda0-8c33081e65bd.jpg
To know more about each event just click on “Events” or I’ll make it easy for you and you can just click right here
Keep in touch :)

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